Have Jar, Will Travel: Here are my Best Ideas for Meals in a Jar!

Sure, we could use a plate and scoop ourselves a portion like normal adults, but where's the fun in that? Besides, packing food in jars or baking directly in them makes dishes easy to transport and mess-free. Sounds good to me!

Salads - From grain and fruit salads packing it in jars is an easy way of passing out portions at a picnic. Try my declicious salad in a jar recipe ! 

Puddings, Panna Cottas, and Mousses - We usually portion these into ramekins anyway. Try my Red Velvet Cupcakes in a jar!

Full Meals - That idea for a BBQ meal in a jar might be on to something. Rather than packing lots of tiny containers, why not put the whole meal in a larger jar? Use separate jars for storing meat .. 

Picnics -  Seriously, this is a fabulous idea for a picnic. You load up a jar in layers: First baked beans, then coleslaw, and then pulled barbecued meat on top. You could bring a stack of  pita breads along, or some homemade bread. Supplement with a jar of cold homemade lemonade and you have a great little picnic — all in jars!

Snacks - Why not make a big batch of your favourite scroggin or roasted nuts and store in a big jar to have on hand to carry out !

xx Kate